These terms and conditions are not complete and can change at any time and for any reason. It is the responsibility of the user to keep updated with any changes to this document. Violation of any of these terms can result in immediate action, up to and including a ban of the user.

Pets4Friends is not responsible for any damages or suffering that are perceived or real while playing the game. While Pets4Friends will do the best it can to keep a safe and healthy environment for all users, the user is responsible for maintaining their own personal safety and awareness. If an issue is found that could be deemed a concern, the user will need to report the issue to a moderator as soon as possible.

While using Pets4Friends, you agree to not post, upload, distribute or publish any form of content which includes or portrays any form of the following:

Criminal, violent, anti-social, racial, hatred, terrorist or potentially dangerous acts such as but not limited to suicide, self-harm or drug use.

Adult material such as, but not limited to, explicit pornography, any material which intimates sexual activity, and any material which displays or portrays excessive nudity which includes but is not limited to naked female breasts, pubic hair, genitalia, naked bottoms or any obvious nudity.

Sexual intercourse with clear nudity, including genital-genital and oral-genital activity
Depicting sexual fetishes in any form.
Direct touching of genitals
Sex toys involved in sexual activity: penetrating mouth, anus or genitals. Includes dildos, sex dolls, fleshlights, and plugs.
Semen or vaginal fluids on faces or body parts
Female genitals: exposed genitalia, vulva or anus, either directly visible or through transparent, see-through or sheer clothing
Male genitals, male penises, both erect and non-erect, testicles, either directly visible or through transparent, see-through or sheer clothing
The above applies to transgender individuals
Sex toys not in use: dildos, sex dolls, fleshlights, butt plugs & beads
Female breasts with visible nipples or areola
Nude buttocks, both male and female, in a non-sexual setting
The pubic region, pubic hair, female crotch region or area around genitals with no genitals visible
Women wearing lingerie, wearing visible bras (the cup has to be visible, and sports bras are excluded), or wearing visible underwear, panties or thongs

Foul, lewd, abusive or threatening language.

Viruses, trojans, spyware, adware or any other form of malicious or intrusive software or code in any way shape or form.

Except with express and written permission or official agreement of the developer commercial advertising, advertising of any product or service is not allowed within Pets4Friends

Scheme(s) or requests to make real money from any other user(s) of the Pets4Friends service(s), software, hardware, systems or gameplay including but not limited to Pets4Friends cash, gifts or tokens or any other virtual currency or mechanism included in the gameplay.

This game is meant to be played in a competitive and/or friendly way. However, any inappropriate behaviour or abuse of the game system in a way that is deemed unfitting with the game concept may cause a person or persons to be banned. So far, some of the current bannable offences in this game are:

Treating game administrators/moderators or even Pets4Friends with disrespect or insults. They are here to help you, but they also have rules that they are meant to follow. No person should be rude to the people who are helping keep the game running.

Harassing, insulting or bullying other users. This is a game and should not be used to harass an individual or attack them in any personal way or cause individual personal distress.

Using fake/alternate/multiple/real profiles or other players' accounts or allowing other players to use your account for any reason.

Using programs/methods to hide your IP or to automate various in-game actions such as collecting bonuses, buys, posts and nudges.

Posting any code on a user's wall that changes the appearance of their bio or profile in any permanent way.

Using profile pictures or names of other users in your about me or posts without their explicit permission or impersonating other users by any means.

Altering functional core display components of the game.

Using any of the display elements such as name, profile picture, name, tagline or about me.

Using your profile picture, name, background image or any other UI element except your about-me as a status/mood replacement.

Asking other users for real money (or acting as a man-in-the-middle for others) to offer in-game benefits such as Pets4friends/pets resets, Royal club supports etc.

Giving any kind of incentives (such as but not limited to tokens through PayPal, real money etc) to other users just to keep their account active following instructions to let other users profit from their actions.

Spamming or abusing in general our systems by any means.

Using the Pets4Friends logo in any form without prior written permission.

Advertising competing services/games/sites or recruiting other users by any means.

Disputing token purchases that have already been granted. This may result in publicly listing your game details excluding any private and sensitive data.

Harming Pets4Friends interests in any way shape or form.

Having already violated the terms of service in one or more of our other games.

Your name should not be used as a status replacement. Using a distinct name, will help other users to identify you and will prevent confusion. Please note that further abuse of the name feature will disable the ability to change your name.

Buying users is at your own risk and we take absolutely no responsibility for any game cash/value loss due to banned/uninstalled/blocked users, bad in-game trading decisions or any other reason.

We reserve the right to alter the offered functionality and even restrict it to specific groups or players at any time without any prior notice.

A player can be banned for violating the Terms of Service without warning or explanation.

All sales of virtual goods are final. No refunds will be given even if your game account gets disabled for any reason or you decide to deactivate your game account or service termination.

The minimum age allowed to be able to join the game is 18. Any account that does not meet this requirement, will be removed without any prior notice.

If there is any dispute about or involving the Website and/or the Service, by using the Website, you agree that any dispute shall be governed by the laws of the area in which we are based without regard to conflict of law provisions and you agree to personal jurisdiction by and venue in the area in which we are based.

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